Printed pillow

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Country of brand registration: Ukraine

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The pillow costs 220 UAH.
The price of a set of pillowcases and pillows is 598 UAH.

One of the fashion enthusiasts today is going to photo shoots: in connection with holidays, on memorable dates or just like that. Most often, the photos taken are not even stored in the album, but are simply stored in a folder on the computer. Surprise your relatives and present them with a pillow with professional photos, which will become a real decoration of the interior.

Pillows with photo printing will be very appreciated by children: pillows with favorite characters from cartoons and books or with the child's own drawings are an original and cute gift.

A seal on a pillow is an opportunity to present a unique gift to friends, relatives, and colleagues.
Such a pillow with photos will take a worthy place in your home, it will delight your eyes every day, and cause a certain interest among guests. At the same time, it is possible to create an image not just of one photo, but to transfer an entire collage to the product.
Images on fabric of photographic quality, even small details are visible

We completely manufacture the pillow for you, we do not print on ready-made blanks as they do in photo salons.
We print the image over the entire surface on both sides.
Pillows are well stuffed with synthetic down.
The pillow can be washed, the paint will not rub off.

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Printed pillow
378 грн


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