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Suits for women

Suits for women, overalls online store Lemanta Ukraine
Everyone decides for himself: to buy each item separately, whether it be a skirt, trousers, blouse or shirt, or to buy a women's suit in which all elements are designed in the same style. Unlike men's suits, with their inherent conservatism, women's suits are more democratic and varied in their variations.

The history of the emergence of women's costume
Women's costume has been keeping track of history since the middle of the 17th century. At first it was the usual combination of outerwear with a riding skirt. In the traditional concept, as a type of casual clothing for women, women's costume appeared only two centuries later. In the classical sense, by analogy with men's clothing, this item of women's wardrobe became only at the beginning of the 20th century, after the First World War. In the mid-60s of the last century, in the wake of the popularization of the policy of gender equality, a women's suit with trousers broke into the world of high fashion.

The range of women's suits in our store is represented by a wide range of styles.

You can buy a women's suit, both based on a skirt, and consisting of a jacket and trousers. In the suits section, both business office suits and suits for other purposes are available: attending parties, exhibitions, going to the cinema, spending time together with the family. Solid, multi-colored, combined, striped, polka dots, with a variety of prints - in all this diversity you will undoubtedly find a model worthy of you. All fabrics are rigorously tested for safety for your health before being sent to production.

Cape suits, classics, tracksuits, overalls and a number of other models are available for order now! Add the product you like to the cart, compare your measurements with the size chart, fill out the form below, pay for the order and wait for the parcel to arrive. If you can not decide to buy a women's suit, as additional questions have arisen, call the indicated contact numbers located at the bottom of the site.

The company's specialists did their best to buy a women's suit in the online store Lemanta was akin to ordinary shopping.