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Blouses and shirts online store Lemanta
Decided to buy a blouse? Let's look at the history of its origin, the variety of styles, selection recommendations and other issues related to wearing this indispensable attribute in a women's wardrobe.

The blouse got its name from the French word blouson, which means "jacket". This item of women's clothing appeared relatively recently, somewhere in the middle of the 19th century, when an unknown fashion designer decided to divide the dress into two elements of the main elements: the lower part - the skirt, and the upper part - in fact, the blouse. It is akin to a short shirt with cuffs, collar and sleeves. It often has buttons for fastening, although blouses in the form of a tunic have recently become widespread.

How to choose a blouse?
Clothing manufacturers are currently producing so many options for blouses that girls and women who have lost in a variety of forms ask themselves the question: “Which blouse to buy?”

First of all, it is necessary to decide for what purposes we buy it. For walks in the fresh air in hot weather, loose blouses made of lightweight fabrics are suitable. Looking for a blouse for office work? Stop at a white blouse - an invariable component of a woman's business style. Are you going to a party with friends? Bright extravagant blouses with ruffles and appliqués will help you.

The variety of options will help you both emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide some flaws. Slightly unbuttoned at the top of the blouse will definitely attract the eyes of men to the neckline. Cone-shaped blouses will hide possible shortcomings of the abdomen and waist. Are your shoulders worthy of everyone's attention? Choose open blouses.

Buy a blouse in the Lemanta store
Why is the blouse so popular among the fair sex? First of all, for practicality and versatility. If you want to change something in your dress, then the only way out is to buy a new dress. With blouses it is much easier to play with style, emphasizing your individuality. Having in stock several different options for this type of women's clothing, feel free to combine them with existing skirts. Set the tone for your mood. With the Lemanta store you can do it with ease, because we offer you the following options for blouses:

free cut and fitted;
with closed and open shoulders;
straight sleeves and puffed sleeves;
with all kinds of ruffles, frills and bows.
Would you like to express your individuality? You don't need much for this, you just need to buy a Lemanta blouse!