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Children's clothing online store Lemanta
Children's clothing is a type of clothing that is purposefully produced for children and is divided depending on the age of the child into the following subcategories:

for newborns - from birth to 1-1.5 years;
for babies - from 1.5 to 3 years;
children's clothing for preschoolers - up to 7 years;
for younger students - 7-12 years old;
teenage clothes - for children aged 12 to 16 years.
Of course, such a division is often conditional, since everything depends on the development of the child, his weight and height. And, of course, it is divided into children's clothes for girls and clothes for boys.

The history of the development of children's clothing
It is noteworthy that until recently, such a thing as children's clothing was practically absent in everyday life. Clothing for children, as a separate category, arose relatively recently - at the end of the 18th - beginning of the 19th centuries. Until that time, it did not differ in style and cut from clothing for adults. Everything was made in the same style and color scheme. In poor families, the solution was simple - the things of adults were redrawn to fit the size of the child. In rich families, children were also not particularly spoiled with a variety of wardrobes. Their appearance had to correspond to the position of the head of the family in society. Even the children of royal and royal families were content with frock coats, uniforms and other costumes. But at the end of the 18th century, views on the upbringing of children changed, the emphasis began to be placed on the individual development of the individual. As a result, clothing for children has become more democratic. And by now it has firmly occupied a separate segment of the knitwear industry.

Choosing and buying children's clothing
Children have a wild imagination, which sometimes puts parents in a stupor. In fact, this is a separate world - a world of bright colors and fascinating fairy tales. Therefore, the purchase of each new piece of clothing causes them genuine joy. Parents often take advantage of this - they combine the practical need to update the children's wardrobe with a birthday present.

Lemanta offers a wide range of children's clothing for both boys and girls - from children's underwear to outerwear. Our store presents products for all seasons of the year for a variety of purposes: both for everyday wear and special occasions.

Remember: it does not matter whether you want to update your child's wardrobe or please him with a colorful gift. The main thing is that children's clothing from Lemanta is another sincere smile on your baby's face and a portion of happiness for you.

We wish your child to wear clothes from Lemanta with pleasure!