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Women's swimsuits

Women's swimwear online store Lemanta
Are you planning a vacation by the sea? Or would you like to visit the swimming pool or water park? Then you should definitely buy a swimsuit. This is an invariable attribute of active recreation, which involves staying on a pond.

The history of the swimsuit
Such an element of women's clothing as a swimsuit in the form in which it is known now appeared relatively recently. Something similar to a modern bikini can be found on ancient Greek frescoes. But the tightening of morals, which led to the complete denial (even contempt) of female nudity, for many centuries rejected the development of this accessory.

Almost until the end of the 18th century, women and men bathed either in underwear or without it, hiding from prying eyes. During this period, there are special bathing suits for both men and women. In the 19th century, the first prototype of a separate women's swimsuit appeared. This attribute acquired modern features in the 20th century in the wake of the popularity of tanning and the widespread passion for sports. It was during this period that such concepts as lack of muscle, a pale body, obesity began to be perceived as signs of an unhealthy lifestyle. In the future, in a short period of time, the women's swimsuit has evolved in all its diversity of forms. And the film industry popularized it.

A variety of forms of modern swimwear
Despite the rapid development of this type of swimwear, the fair sex is trying to buy the following types of swimwear:

merged (or piece) swimsuit, which is a one-piece (inseparable) bathing suit;
bikini - a type of women's swimsuit, consisting of two elements: one covering the chest, the second inguinal area.
If everything is very clear with the first type, then the second one has gained such popularity, which has led to the emergence of a large number of its variations, depending on the size and shape of the bodice and panties.

Buy a swimsuit inexpensively from the manufacturer
The Lemanta store offers you to buy a swimsuit from the manufacturer at affordable prices. Choose the product you like, compare your measurements with the size chart below, add the item to your shopping cart, pay for the delayed item and wait to receive it. The Lemanta company brings to your attention delivery by any delivery service convenient for you.

Bathe in pleasure. Don't let your vacation be burdened by uncomfortable clothes.