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Jeans, trousers, shorts for girls online store Lemanta
Jeans are versatile clothing. Both adults and children like them: both boys and little princesses. So, if you decide to buy jeans for a girl, be sure that your baby will undoubtedly be happy with such a new thing. In addition, if adult girls and women can still use classic trousers, then they do not look natural on girls.

The history of the popularity of jeans
Initially, denim was used for the production of special (working) clothing. The very word "jeans" comes from the name of the Italian city of Genoa, which in English is read as "genova". It was the Genoese sailors who wore trousers sewn from hemp canvas, from which the sails on their ships were also made. During the apogee of the era of navigation and geographical discoveries, this fabric spread almost all over the world.

The impetus for the development of jeans as casual wear was given by Levi Strauss, an American of Jewish origin, who at the peak of the "gold rush" organized the production of pants from thick English canvas. They were well received by their owners. Wear-resistant fabric, the presence of convenient pockets for a knife, various small things and money, resistant paint are the main components of the success of his denim pants. In the future, famous couturiers popularized this category of clothing.

Buy jeans for girls from Lemanta
Lemanta offers you to buy jeans for girls at affordable prices in order to attract more potential buyers. Low prices do not mean the worst quality of the fabrics used. The cost of production has been reduced due to the proper organization of management and logistics.

Lemanta offers you a wide range of denim products for your girls. Let your princess make her choice with you, and there are plenty to choose from: the widest range of colors, various cuts, an abundance of prints and colors.

Is your child growing too fast? It is perfectly! Jeans are universal. You can buy jeans for a girl for growth. If rolled up classic trousers are, to put it mildly, bad manners, then rolled up jeans are one of the style options.

Let your beauty feel like an unsurpassed fashionista. May her smile make you happy too. Jeans from Lemanta are a joy for the whole family!