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Suits, overalls, sets for girls online store Lemanta
Perhaps there is no more exciting activity for mothers and their daughters than the selection of children's clothes. From early childhood, girls begin to form a sense of style, develop addictions to different colors; with the help of mothers, girls learn how to combine things correctly.

How to choose a suit for a girl
The rules for choosing children's clothing are simple and clear. The main thing is that it should be comfortable and safe. Here are a few of them:

High-quality snakes, buttons or other accessories.

Pleasant to the touch materials, preferably made from natural fibers.

Comfortable cut for comfort when walking, because. kids move around a lot.

The costume must fit, the child must not step on the legs.

Design. Children's little things with an original cut attract attention and are liked by the little ones themselves.

Girls' costumes are different. By type, they can be divided into:

three-piece suits;


suits for school with a skirt or trousers;

casual pajamas or knitted suits.

Of course, the requirements for each of these types are different. But the basic rules apply to all clothes. Choose from our catalog a suit for a schoolgirl or pajamas for babies and make sure of the good quality of our products and prompt delivery.

Where to order a quality suit for a girl
The lemanta online store offers a large selection of children's, men's and women's clothing. Here you can order children's jeans, dresses, sundresses, skirts, jackets, leggings and much more.

Here are some reasons why you should pay attention to this store:

wholesale prices even for retail orders;

a wide selection of clothes for the whole family;

quality tailoring;

pleasant to the touch fabrics;

attractive designs.

We have collected practical, comfortable and cute clothes for children and adults at the best prices. You just have to place an order on the site and wait a very short time for your purchase. We have made it so that now it is no longer necessary to participate in joint purchases of goods in order to get the most attractive price. It is enough to look at us, in Lemant's store. We are sure you will find something suitable with us.

We send orders throughout Ukraine through transport companies. Time before sending the order 1-3 days.

Please yourself and your daughter with new clothes - stylish suits or fashionable clothes from our store will suit your taste! Place your order today and you'll have it in just a few days.