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Women's sweaters online store Lemanta Ukraine
Why is it so necessary for us to buy a women's sweater? Let's figure it out.

Despite the fact that the sweater appeared in the middle of the 19th century, it has become a daily wear relatively recently. It got its name from the English verb to sweat - to sweat. It was for this purpose that the first knitted wool sweaters in Europe were used. In them, representatives of medicine advised to exercise to burn excess fat. Then the sweater was appreciated by sailors, protecting them from winds and wet weather. Later, he became part of the uniform of various armies of the world, an element of winter sportswear. And only in the early 30s of the XX century, thanks to the world-famous couturier Coco Chanel, the women's sweater became an invariable element of the high fashion industry.

Designers today offer a huge variety of models and styles of gorgeous women's sweaters. Among the most requested:
· Warm. A real modern trend. This includes bulky knitted products made from high-quality, natural materials. The best choice is a pullover under the throat. They will create both a fashionable and homely cozy look.
· Raglan. Such a feature as raglan sleeves makes the shoulders more sloping, and the silhouette is unusually feminine and a little romantic.
Under the throat. The most common option is a stand-up collar that completely covers the throat. Such a thing will warm well even in the most severe frosts.
· Hooded. An excellent solution for easy, everyday life: walks, trips to cafes, etc. Fashion designers offer many interesting variations of hoods, among which every girl will be able to choose the best solution for herself.
· Noodles. Fully fitted model. It is suitable for slender fashionistas who are not afraid to emphasize their merits. Sweater noodles are recommended to be used as components for creating multi-layered looks.
·         Thin. They have a tight-fitting cut that emphasizes all the advantages of a female figure. You can wear such a thing not only in winter, but also in spring, and even in summer. The main thing is to choose the right material.
· Volumetric. A real trend in recent years. At first glance, it may seem that the sweater is a bit too big, in fact, the model initially provides for such an effect. This structure adds to the silhouette of negligence, relevant in everyday life.
cashmere. They talk about it - high quality and expensive. Cashmere products are simple and concise. They sit very well on the figure, but require special, careful care.
· Knitwear. This material is different. The most commonly used viscose jersey. It has both density and softness at the same time. Things from it keep their shape well and practically do not wrinkle.
Fleece. High-quality synthetics with the addition of lycra. Fleece is incredibly soft and pleasant to the touch. It does not pass water well, but at the same time provides excellent air exchange.
·         Wool. A beautiful women's wool sweater is the best solution for cold weather in Moscow. Experts advise choosing textiles with impurities of acrylic, silk and other fibers. In its pure form, woolen fabric can cause allergic reactions.
An incorrectly chosen thing can spoil the whole impression of the image, revealing to others the flaws of the figure. It is important to correctly compose sets, taking into account the features of the complexion:
·         Pear. Large hips and narrow shoulders are features of this type of figure. Ideal in this case, medium-length options with short sleeves and a collar "collar" are suitable.
·         Hourglass. This type is distinguished by a thin waist and matching lines of the hips and shoulders. Absolutely all models suit the hourglass. The only exception is the poncho.
·         Rectangle. This type is distinguished by the absence of a waist and the matching lines of the hips and shoulders. It is advised to give preference to elongated sweaters with a wide collar, as well as cardigan sweaters with a belt to highlight the waist.
Assortment of women's sweaters
The rapid development of light industry, the emergence of a large number of new synthetic fabrics, led to the emergence of all kinds of variations of this type of clothing. Thick yarn has ceased to be the only possible material for the manufacture of women's sweaters. In our store you can find various options for this attribute of clothing for women:

all kinds of sweatshirts with bright prints;
stylish cardigans;
variety of sweatshirts and sweatshirts.
If you have made a choice and decide to buy a women's sweater, then take into account the following tips and recommendations:

a loose long sweater will help hide stomach problems;
short sweaters will help you avoid problems with wide hips without visually increasing them;
the shortcomings inherent in women with magnificent forms will be hidden by a stylish cardigan with a belt.
A wide range of Lemanta sweaters will allow you to make the right choice.

Buy women's sweater from Lemanta
The choice has been made, and you want to get the desired purchase as soon as possible? There is nothing easier. To buy a women's sweater from Lemanta, you need to correlate your measurements with the size chart provided. Send the product you like to the basket, indicate your data and delivery address in a special form in the next step and wait for receipt. If, no matter how hard you try, you still didn’t guess with the size, we will exchange the purchased sweater for a suitable option on the conditions described in the “delivery” section.

Let Lemanta products serve you long and faithfully. Wear it for pleasure.