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Out of all the clothing produced in the world, women's clothing occupies a leading position in the clothing industry. And this is not surprising, because unlike men with their inherent conservatism, women are more democratic in terms of their outfits. A woman or girl who strives to look stylish and spectacular will not be content with one dress, suit, blouse or skirt. She will definitely try to diversify her personal wardrobe. After all, the decision what to wear today will depend, for example, not only on the vagaries of nature and the upcoming event, it may also depend on the mood of the fair sex at the time of fitting.

 Clothing range for women from Lemanta
Often, the problem with filling the wardrobe is the high cost of manufactured products. As a manufacturer, we strive to meet the needs of a wide range of people. Given the prices of products sold, it will not be difficult for most beauties of Ukraine to fill their wardrobe properly.

The online store offers a wide range of clothing for women:


dresses for any occasion: evening, strict, open, closed, tight-fitting, loose;
skirts of various types;
women's suits;
blouses and sweaters;
outerwear for women: jackets, cardigans, coats;
trousers, capris, shorts.

With the products of our production, you will keep up with modern fashion, regardless of any obstacles and tricks of nature.

 Purchase, payment and delivery of women's clothing
Decided to buy a skirt or blouse? Are you finally convinced of your choice? Then carefully read the given size tables, measure the parameters of your figure and check them for compliance with the purchased product. The company's specialists are always happy to help with advice.

To place an order, enter the actual personal data and send the product to the basket. Still have some questions in your head? Use the advice of the company's employees by calling the indicated contact phone numbers. If the item you received is not the correct size, we will gladly exchange it for a more suitable option. More details can be found in the Frequently Asked Questions section.

Nature doesn't have bad weather with Lemanta women's clothing.