linen suit

Product code: 4378

Season: Spring/Autumn, Summer

Material: viscose, linen

For whom: Girl, Woman

Brand: Lemanta

Style: Standard, OVERSIZE

The length of the sleeve: Long

Country of brand registration: Ukraine

Segment: New collection

Clasp: With belt, Вuttons, With a zipper

cutout: V-neck

Available sizes:
1200 грн
900 грн
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Beautiful linen suit!
Jacket "under the belt" and loose pants!
Comfortable! Light! Bright!
Jacket model with a wide belt that emphasizes the waist and makes the image more feminine.
You can wear such a suit with high-heeled shoes or, if this is not about you, with coarser shoes with thick soles.
Pants length : about 105cm
Stretch: weak

Dear and beloved clients

All clothes produced by the factory, including dresses, strictly comply with the dimensional grid.
You can easily find the size grid on each product page. The size on the tag is indicated according to the Euro system.
But the LEMANTA company asks you to take into account that a knitted dress will always be 10% less than a textile dress, according to its measurements! In this case, it looks more aesthetically pleasing and feminine.
Therefore, if you want a loose dress, then we recommend choosing a knitted dress one size larger than a textile one. And for those who like tight-fitting and slimming things, we advise you to take the size in size.

You are always welcome!

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linen suit
1200 грн
900 грн



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