Product code: 82-5

Material: fiberboard

Country of brand registration: Ukraine

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A wonderful gift and cozy decor for your kitchen!
A box for storing tea bags in the form of a house is a great gift for tea lovers and simply for those who value coziness and a homely atmosphere. It is made of high-quality HDF, which withstands long use and does not deform over time. A wooden house for tea bags can become a decoration not only for the kitchen, but also for the office, creating an atmosphere of home coziness and comfort. The house for tea bags has a convenient lid that opens, which allows you to easily replace or replenish the contents. A beautiful house will decorate the table setting, add decor to the interior of the house and emphasize the tea theme. You can give a house for tea bags as an independent gift, or in combination with a tea service, you have created a set of tea that will delight its owner every day. The assortment includes different houses for any occasion, both for children and adults, for birthdays, March 8, new year, Christmas, teacher's day, mother's day and other holidays. A tea house is suitable for a mother, grandmother, aunt, friend, colleague, or boss. The tea house can store various types of tea: green, black, fruit, herbal, mint, ginger, flower and others. Combine your favorite aromas, create your own unique tea set. The stand for tea bags will additionally decorate and organize the table setting and will become a great decoration for the kitchen. In addition, the tea house is equipped with a compartment for sweets, spices, napkins or other small things that can be useful in the kitchen during tea drinking or eating. You can store candies, waffles, chocolates, bars and many other sweets in it. This convenient compartment for storing small things will keep the kitchen in order! The size is 15x10.5x18 cm. Dear buyer, we will be very grateful for any feedback about our products, photo reviews, comments or ratings.

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