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Kendall Jenner in casual party dress

Кендалл Дженнер в платье
Kendall Jenner is currently in New York, where she attended the CFDA Awards on Monday night.

With her presence, the supermodel gave support to sister Kim Kardashian-West, who received her first Influencer award. Although, there is a suspicion that Jenner also pays tribute to another participant in this event - Ralph Lauren. The top designer at the ceremony was recognized as an idol in the fashion industry (along with supermodel Naomi Campbell).

And today, when Jenner headed out to Manhattan for lunch, her look was a combination of American assertiveness and Lauren's tact, emphasizing the outfit with classic white sneakers.

Incredible and ultra-fashionable dresses have become something of a hallmark of Jenner, who is known to include sexy silhouettes with a sporty twist. We didn't expect anything less from Adidas.

And Jenner, experimenting once again, paired a party dress with minimalist prints, opting for a bold nautical pattern and a special shimmery fabric for the daytime promenade.

Yes, and the choice of glasses, Jenner, was also meticulous, finishing her bold look, like an image with sunglasses in the Matrix style, which, in the end, looked extremely harmonious against the background of the dress.